Getting together a good hockey dryland training program is vital for success with improving your performance on the ice. Hockey dryland training will help to increase your muscle strength, enhance your agility, and ensure that you are fast on your feet and able to react to anything that comes your way.

In order to make the most of your hockey dryland training, the following tips can quickly be implemented so that all the effort you put in really pays off in the end.

While you don’t necessarily have to use all three tricks at once, try and alternate between them as time goes on for best overall results.


The very first technique to add to your weight training for hockey workout routine is the superset. With this technique you’re going to move from one exercise immediately to the next, not resting until both exercises have been completed.

This technique is going to be beneficial because it’ll help to increase the total fatigue your muscles are able to handle over time, thus ensuring that you don’t tire out on the ice as quickly either.

You can either pair together upper and lower body exercises for your superset training or if you wish, pair together opposing muscle groups such as biceps and triceps or quads and hamstrings.

If you really want to up the intensity, try two exercises for the same muscle group.

Drop Sets

The second technique to consider adding to your hockey dryland training is the drop set. With this workout set-up you’re simply going to perform the first set of an exercise at your usual weight level and then once that’s completed, immediately drop the weight by about five pounds and then perform a second set.

Once that set is complete, drop the weight a second time and then proceed to do a third. This is another good way to boost your fatigue tolerance and is also perfect for helping to push past strength plateaus.

Tempo Focused Sets

Finally, the last technique that you should consider doing once in a while with your hockey dryland training is tempo focused sets.

With this technique you’re going to be focusing on how fast you’re moving through the exercise, speeding up the initial portion of the exercise while slowing down the second

This really helps to improve your speed capabilities as you’ll be able to quickly generate a large degree of force while also still maintaining your higher strength level.

Note that you will find you often get more sore from doing these tempo adjusted sets, so make sure that you include some thorough stretching after doing this technique in your hockey dryland training.

So there you have three quick and easy methods to implement that will help you take your training up a notch.

Always shocking your body with something new that it has to adjust and accommodate to is one of the best ways that you can ensure that you keep progressing along, so definitely a must-do in your hockey dryland training.

3 Quick Tricks To Get More From Your Hockey Dryland Training