If you want to improve your hockey performance, it’s vital that you’re spending some time in the gym each week, performing weight training for hockey movements that will strengthen the muscles, enhance your power ability, and improve your speed and agility as well.

The following weight training for hockey exercises will do just that. Ideally you want to perform each of these exercises using enough weight that you’re very fatigued by the time you reach around 8-10 reps, which is the ideal rep range for not only generating greater strength but also for enhancing muscle size as well.

Remember that if you want to gain size as a player from your weight training for hockey exercises, you must also be eating a higher calorie diet to support lean muscle mass gains.

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Split Squats

The first exercise to perform is the split squat, which targets the quads, hamstrings, as well as your core for agility purposes. To perform these simply place one leg up on a bench behind you and then holding a pair of dumbbells at the side slowly begin to bend the supporting leg and lower yourself down to the ground.

Once you’re at about a 90 degree angle, pause and then come up again. Switch feet and repeat to the other side.

Single Leg Deadlifts

Next up you have single leg deadlifts. Regular deadlifts are great to boost your hamstring strength and power, but by moving it onto a single leg, you work your core more and will improve your agility and balance as well.

To perform this exercise place one leg up on a bench behind you and set a barbell down on the ground in front.

From there, bend over at the waist, grasp the barbell and then rise up until you come into the full standing position. Pause for a second at the top and then lower back down again to complete the rep. Switch legs once you’re finished all 8-10 reps.


Decline Weighted Twisting Sit-Ups

Decline weighted twisting sit-ups are perfect for strengthening the abs and obliques, and will also help you withstand any hits that you take while playing.

To perform these hold a weight plate across the chest and then position yourself in a decline bench. Once there, twist to one side and then to the other while rising up into the full sit position. Pause and then lower yourself back down again.

Barbell Rows

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