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Hockey Gloves

Gloves are a type of garment which protects the hands of the players. There are several types of gloves which are worn by the players while playing hockey.

Skaters wear gloves on both hands and goal tenders wear different types of gloves on both hands. The invention of skater gloves is made for the players to protect the hands from sticks, pucks and skates. These gloves play no role in the presentation or while playing the game.

A puck is pressed by a skater forward with his glove when the player is in the self-protective zone. Gloves are also used by the skater for hitting down a flying puck. A minor penalty is imposed on the skater if he closes or catches his glove above the puck.

Goal tenders wear different types of gloves which act as a measure of safety and their design helps them in the presentation of their duties. The hand in which the goal tender holds the stick, they wear a ‘blocking glove’ along with a huge pad across the forearm’s back and outside the elbow.

The rules are made by the National Hockey League and it is compulsory for the goal tender that their blocking glove should not be more than 8 inches wide and 15 in lengths. These gloves are used by the goal tender to prevent the shots at the net or he can also drive the puck using this glove in order to protect the team mate.

Sometimes, they also wear a ‘catching glove’ while playing hockey. The main aim of wearing this glove is to protect the team mate by catching the puck. The catching gloves cannot be more than 48 inches as stated in the rules made by the National Hockey League.

Different Types of Hockey Gloves

Franklin SX Pro 1300 Hockey Goalie Catch Glove

This type of hockey glove is invented for playing inline hockey, street hockey, ball hockey, roller hockey and floor hockey. It is available in both senior and junior sizes.


  • Deep curved easy flex T-trap
  • Thumb loop ties and wrist control strap
  • Micro Shield anti-microbial technology
  • High impact plastic thumb guards insert

Nike Bauer Vapor Youth Ice Hockey Gloves

These gloves provide a narrowed fit using a resistant thumb and also provide protection from crashes. It is very durable and has a safe grip.


  • Durable Tuff Stuff shell
  • Mid-density foam padding
  • Pigskin palm
  • Conical fit