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Who Invented Hockey

The invention of hockey is a matter of debate and there is no exact evidence for the emergence of this game. But it is assumed that it was invented in the middle of 1850 by the British soldiers who lived in Nova Scotia in Canada. Initially, they make use of a rubber ball for playing the first ice hockey game following the rules.

The hockey is also played by the McGill University students in Montreal in 1879 with more advanced rules. The ice hockey was well recognized as ‘Modern Ice Hockey’ in the later 18 th century. The game played with official rules by these students was popularly called as ‘McGill Rules’ and use a puck instead of a rubber ball while playing hockey.

In 1885, the first national hockey society known as Amateur HockeyAssociation of Canada was formed. After that many of the leagues and clubs for players were formed in Canada . The first league consisting of four players was formed in Ontario .

It was believed that the game was played first in the year 1890 in the US between Yale Universities and Johns Hopkins. The game became very popular in this country and instead of the game hockey invented in Canada , the certified league was first planned in the United States .

In the year 1910, the National Hockey League was formed. The recognition of this game has made this sport very popular in other parts of the world such as Great Britain and Europe at the commencement of the 20 th century. Ice hockey was considered as an Olympic sport at Antwerp Summer Games in the year 1920.

The ice hockey was first introduced at the winter Olympics in the year 1924 held at Chamonix . Women’s hockey was also introduced in an Olympics event held at Nagano in 1998.

The game hockey is not invented but it is evolved and grown. Earlier, the game Hurley was played by some of the people in Ireland which is similar like a hockey. This game was introduced by the Canadians on ice. It was known as Ice Hurley and then later on it is popularly known as Ice Hockey.

Other Stories behind the Invention of Hockey

  • Some people believed that this game was played by the MicMac Indians in Nova Scotia .
  • A teacher of Kings View Academy in Windsor at Nova Scotia took his students near a pond and expects them to play any sport. The game which is played by the students became hockey.
  • Some state that the game hockey was first played in Ontario and New Brunswick and both of them are situated in Canada .


So, the exact evidence about who invented hockey is not known till now.