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Rules of Air Hockey

Air hockey is a game in which two players from different teams attempts to achieve points by making a goal of the opposing team. To play a game of air hockey, the player needs two mallets, an air hockey table and a puck. Air hockey was founded by Bob Lemieux in 1972. In 1978, the United States Air Hockey Association was established to direct authorized playing in the tournament.

Basic Rules of Air Hockey

The player can follow some of the basic rules before playing air hockey and they are:-

  • When the player drops the puck inside the goal, then the opponent will get one point.

  • A player can play using one mallet on the playing shell at a time.

  • After the end of each game, players exchange the sides of the table.

  • A puck is provided to the player only when it has entered the goal.

  • The first player who will achieve 7 points will be declared as the winner of the game.

  • The puck can be hit using any portion of the mallet.

  • Only one puck is used during playing hockey at a certain time.

  • The player scoring UPON will get control of the puck for the next turn.

  • A player can stand at any position of the table while playing air hockey on the side of the middle line and he or she is not allowed to cross that line.

  • A player can implement time out only if the puck is in the control of the player or not used for playing.

  • If any portion of the player’s arm, hand, clothes and body touches the puck, then it is considered as a foul by the referee and he refers this foul as palming.

  • Every player can take only one time out in each game and it should not be more than 10 seconds.

  • When a player has scored UPON, then the player has only 10 seconds to eradicate the puck from the goal and should place it in the playing area.

  • If the puck touches any portion of the middle line, then the player can hit the puck.

  • A player has only 7 seconds to implement a shot in case of crossing the middle line and not following this rule is considered as a foul.