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Ice Hockey Teams

Ice hockey is considered as the well recognized sport in areas which are naturally covered by ice. This sport comes on the fourth position in the North American certified sports which are organized by the National Hockey League.

It is mainly played in the winter season in Canada and the game has got vast recognition and also very popular in Finland . There are various teams which have played hockey starting from the emergence of the game till now. Teams from throughout the world have participated in the ice hockey. The various ice hockey teams are:-

Slovak National Ice Hockey Team

This team is considered as one of the foremost teams in the world. This team was ranked sixth in the year 2005 by IIHF. Slovak Ice Hockey Federation manages the team. Slovakia has achieved about 3 medals at the World Championships in the last 6 years which also includes a gold won in 2002. The number of players in Slovakia is 12,375. The head trainer for this team is Frantisek Hossa who is the father of Marcel Hossa and Marian Hossa. When the country Czechoslovakia divides into two nations – Slovakia and Czech Republic , then the Slovak team was established. They have started playing hockey in pool C.

Bulgarian National Ice Hockey Team

The ice hockey team for men in Bulgaria was ranked 33 rd in the IIHF World Ranking. The team has taken part only once in the Olympic Games. The match was between Bulgaria and Czechoslovak team in the year 1976 held in Innsbruck where Bulgaria lost in the first round by 1-14.

After many losses, the team of Bulgaria lost the tournament. Now, the Men’s World Ice Hockey Championships is held in 2006 hosted by Sofia . The teams in this tournament are Spain , South Africa , Belgium , Romania and Serbia .

German National Ice Hockey Team

This ice hockey team for men first takes part in European Hockey Championship in the year 1911. After the World War II, when Germany divides, the hockey team also divides into two – East German national ice hockey team and West German national ice hockey team. In the year 1991, the teams were exchanged by the present German team which is managed by the Deutscher Eishockey Bund. The German ice hockey team was ranked 12 th by the IIHF in the world. They have got a bronze medal in the year 1934 and silver medal in the year 1930. This team of ice hockey has never got success in an international competition.

British National Ice Hockey Team

The name of the national ice hockey team was Team GB in the UK . Their team was formed in the year 1908 by IIHF and managed by Ice Hockey UK . The present trainer for this team is Paul Thompson.