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Hockey Skating Tips

Skating is considered as the most essential skill in hockey and the players spend many hours to improve their skating talents. The player’s achievement is determined from their skating abilities. One can see the superior hockey players such as professional and college seek guidance on how they can improve their explosiveness, speed and skill.

Learning the skate is very hard and needs a lot of hard work and devotion. One should give attention on one particular area at a time and should apply only one tip at a time. The player should focus on the practical skills to improve their fortitude, leg strength and flexibility. The player should join the off ice training program to reduce the risk of injuries.

The hockey skating tips are not designed for the superior players who are already very experienced in the skating technique. It is designed for the intermediate and beginners who are learning the skate and have already learned some of the basics.

The player should focus on the basic areas of skating before playing the hockey game such as backward motion, explosive starts, forward motion, crossovers, quick turns, braking and transitions. The player in order to become the best hockey player, he should keep an optimistic attitude while practicing the skating skills.

Tips for Forward Skating

Forward skating should be the first main concern while learning the skate. This technique requires lot of practice and time. Some of the tips are:-

  • The body of the player should be in a square direction of the travel.
  • The feet should be kept trendy while skating forward.
  • The player should not lean their body to go forward.
  • The head of the player should be in the centre of the shoulders, back should be straight and eyes should be focused forward.
  • Skating should be done with one foot at a time.
  • One should do forward skating with a correct arm swinging movement.

Tips for Backward Skating

This is the hardest skating skills to master. In order to become proficient in backward skating, the player requires a lot of patience and effort. Some of the tips are:-

  • One should keep the eyes in a forward position and shoulders in a backward position.
  • The player should have a strong ankle bend and knee.
  • One should keep the hips in a low position towards the ice.
  • The player should keep both the feet on the ice.


Crossovers are considered as the most essential part of a hockey game. There are two types of crossovers – Forward and Backward Crossover.

Tips for Forward Crossover

  • One should bend the knees towards 90 degrees.
  • The lower body parts should be united and pointed towards the direction of the turn.

Tips for Backward Crossover

  • Skates and hips should be faced towards the direction of travel.
  • One should keep the head upwards and eyes in a forward direction.