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Road Hockey

Road hockey is a translation of roller or ice hockey which is played with using skates or without using skates. This game is also called as dek hockey, street hockey, ball hockey and ground hockey. The player can play this game with a ball or puck whereas a roller hockey puck is needed when the player is not playing on the ice.

This game is played with no defensive equipment and no physical contact is required and can be played with the checking of the body. An ice hockey puck only works on ice instead of a street. When a puck is used for protection, then it should not be lifted in the air. The playing styles and rules can vary from state to state which depends on the customs made by a certain group.

Playing Rules of Road Hockey

The High Voltage Classic Road Hockey Tournament is organized in the year 2006. The main purpose of this tournament was to raise money for the charity and for the pleasure of the participants.


  • If any team is involved in one or more fight, then that team is not permitted to play in the remaining tournament and that game will be considered to be forfeited.
  • If a minor penalty is imposed on the team, then the referee can grant a penalty shot.

Body Contact

The road hockey tournament is considered as a non contact tournament. If there is any body contact during the game, then a minor penalty will be imposed on the team.

Minor Penalty

If the player gets 3 minor penalties, then that player will be expelled from the game.

In case of minor penalty, the game is immediately stopped and the ball is handed over to the opposing team.

Hand Pass

A player cannot bat, pass or throw a ball to his team mate by using hands. If this happens, then the game is stopped and the ball is given to the opposing team out of bounds and the game will continue by using an inbounds pass.

Slap Shots

  • If a goal is made on the shot, then the goal is considered as prohibited.
  • During the shot, the stick of the player should not comes above the waist otherwise a minor penalty will be imposed on the player.


  • If the player hits the ball into the net using a high stick, then the goal is considered to be not allowed.
  • The player cannot bat or kick the ball into the net other than with a hockey stick.
  • A goal cannot be counted if the ball is hit directly from an inbounds pass.