Believe it or not, I actually know a thing or two about the position of hockey goalie too. I know that the majority of my posts have been about hockey player equipment, and while I have played forward in beer leagues for about the last ten years or so, most of my youth hockey career was played as a goalie. I actually started playing goalie when I was about 8 years old and played all the way until I was 20, but I never really enjoyed it as much as playing forward.

Nevertheless, I did absolutely love the goalie equipment, and I can still appreciate how goalies can customize so much of their goalie equipment. Obviously my favorite piece of equipment for the goalie is the hockey goalie mask.

When I was playing goalie regularly I used Warwick goalie masks. I have to say that they are by far my favorite style because they have a distinct shape that I appreciate much more than the more exposed and thus probably more popular Itech goalie mask. I think the only reason why Warwick masks are not more popular is because they are a small company that specialize in only goalie helmets. They might be a small company but they still get some big time goalies using their masks. Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres is probably the most popular goalie who uses Warwick masks right now, but Eddie Belfour was also a Warwick mask wearer.

The lines on the Warwick are beautiful and I actually would have to compare the feeling I get when I look at a Warwick as being similar to looking at a beautiful automobile, especially if the helmet has a professionally done paint job. If you are not a professional goalie, you might actually have trouble affording a Warwick with a sweet paint job, but if you are fortunate enough to be able to done one of these high quality masks made of composite material and kevlar (the same stuff used in bullet proof vests), you should definitely consider yourself lucky and you will be envied by the opposing goalie staring at you from the other end of the ice.

If you want to purchase a Warwick goalie mask, you actually have several “stock” styles to choose from based on professional goalies styles. However, if you have some extra money, I believe you can actually go to Warwick (somewhere in Michigan) and have a custom built mask based around a mold of your face. This way you can make sure that you get the best fitting mask for your particular head shape, because as we all know everybody has a different shaped head and if you are going to spend extra money on anything, it might as well be the piece of goalie equipment that actually protects your brain and your face, two important pieces of the human body. Invest in a quality ice hockey goalie mask for safety first and style second.

Best Goalie Mask For Your Money

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