A lot of goaltenders in ice hockey are very particular about the goalie equipment that they wear. When they find a brand that they like a lot, most goalies tend to stick with that brand throughout most of their hockey playing years.

There are quite a few goalie equipment manufacturers, and more are entering the market every few years. One of the most popular brands of hockey goaltender equipment has to be Brians goalie equipment. I think the first goalies that I remember wearing Brians goalie leg pads and gloves was Eddie Belfour when he was in his rookie year with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Going back to the early to mid 1990’s, Brians goaltender equipment has been a mainstay at hockey equipment pro shops as well as hockey and goalie equipment websites. They were also one of the first brands of goalie gear to allow customers to customize the colors of their leg pads and gloves. This feature was huge in terms of taking customers away from many of their competitors because goalies like to be able to customize the exact look of their equipment to match their team’s colors. Now pretty much every goalie pad manufacturer offers the feature of color customization, usually through a website, but Brians goalie equipment was one of the first brands to offer this feature many years ago.

Although there are many more goalie equipment brands to compete with today, and many of these brands simply have more resources and are larger companies than Brians, it does not mean that there are not still a lot of goalies who actually prefer Brians goalie gear to some of the bigger brands such as RBK or Vaughn. What a goaltender chooses to wear in terms of protective equipment is completely up to each individual goalie, and although a lot of the goalie pads out there appear to look very similar, any goalie will tell you that every pad feels different and finding the right pair of pads for each goalies particular style takes time. Once you find the right pair of leg pads, I can all but guarantee that you will continue to go with that brand for the rest of your days as a goalie. Have you given Brians goalie equipment a try? You might find that their equipment suits your style well.

Brians hockey goalie equipment is well known for their classic goalie pads that sport some amazingly detailed designs and colors. Some goalies have gone so far as to have the detailed logo of their team embroidered in the middle of their leg pads so that when their pads are next to each other you can see the full design.

Brians Goalie Equipment

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