Although I do not play goalie anymore, I still definitely enjoy and appreciate hockey goalie equipment. When I watch National Hockey League games I always look to see what type of gear each goaltender is wearing, and I have come to realize that if I were still playing goalie, I would definitely wear RBK goalie gear. In particular I can really appreciate the RBK Premier 3 goalie glove. This is the same glove that Roberto Luongo of the Vancouver Canucks wear.

Buying a new goalie glove is often one of the most fun pieces of goaltender gear to purchase. I always liked buying goalie gloves and goalie leg pads the most because there are so many different brands and looks to choose from.

These days it is much easier to buy custom goalie gear as well. With the way that the internet has taken off, many hockey and goalie equipment manufacturers have incredible user friendly websites that allow you to customize nearly any piece of equipment that you would like. If for example you would like to customize the colors and get your name stitched on you ice hockey goalie glove, you should not have a hard time finding a website that offers some sort of customization interface which would allow you to personalize your goalie gloves from top to bottom.

Breaking in a goalie glove is a different story however. I could not stand having to break in a stiff hockey goalie catcher. Usually the reason why I had such distain for breaking in a new catch glove is that I was so used to, and comfortable with my old well broken in goalie glove. If you are like me and you do not enjoy trying to break in your catcher, there is really only one way to speed up the break in process. If you simply take your goaltender glove home and continuously throw a puck, baseball or softball in your glove while opening it and closing it each time, you will soon find that your glove closes much easier and you will be much more comfortable wearing your new goalie catch glove in games and practice.

If you are in search of a new goalie glove, you might want to take not of what other goaltenders at your local rink are wearing and see what they think of their glove. You could ask them to try it on and that might help you to determine what your next goalie glove should be. You could also spend a little time searching hockey equipment websites and seeing reviews on the different gloves that are available.

Buying a New Goalie Glove

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