There are quite a few different top quality ice hockey skate brands to choose from if you are an elite hockey player that requires a durable pair of skates that don’t break down easily from a powerful stride. CCM ice hockey skates have been one of the best and most well known ice hockey equipment (and hockey skate manufacturers) in the sport.

Hockey skates are similar to other types of hockey gear in that many hockey players are very loyal to a particular brand of equipment and getting them to change from one brand to the next can be a difficult task. A lot of players that are wearing CCM hockey skates have been doing so since they started playing hockey. Each different brand fits and sizes just a little bit differently, but for the most part they are pretty close in quality and build.

I myself used to wear CCM skates, but have since changed to RBK. The only reason that I switched from the CCM Vector hockey skates that I was wearing was because I kept getting lace bite and my ankle bones were always sore while I was playing. Skates are a unique piece of hockey gear in that everybody’s feet are very different and what might hurt one person’s feet might be comfortable to another person’s feet. I have found that the RBK 9k hockey skates that I am using now are great for my type of ‘boney’ foot, but I do know a lot of hockey players who love CCM ice hockey skates more than RBK, Bauer or any other brand of hockey skate.

If you are looking for a new pair of hockey skates and are not quite sure what brand to go with, I would suggest doing plenty of research online and at your local hockey pro shop or sporting goods store. Try on a lot of different skates and wear each model of hockey skate for at least ten to fifteen minutes just to make sure that you generally know how the skates are going to feel while you are breaking them in. Once broken in your hockey skates might feel completely different, but that is something that you can’t control. If you are worried about how a certain skate might break in, you might consider buying your skates used and already broken in. Although a lot of hockey players never consider buying used ice hockey skates, in many instances this can be the right decision for your particular situation in the sport of ice hockey. There are definitely plenty of models of CCM ice hockey skates that are being sold used that are in great condition.

CCM Ice Hockey Skates

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