Bottom of the CCM LE skates they use their own brand of hockey wheel with a 88a hardness, which is good for durability and can be used for both indoor and outdoor skating.

The frame is made of a two-piece aluminium frame with Tri-di set up as with previous CCM inline skates. This means that the wheels are deigned to make you lean forward which replicates what Ice hockey players do when skating, which had been harder to so in inline until this design was introduced, this results in the power and weigh you put into your skating is sent forward and helps your speed and power against a standard skate. This does mean however that you would have 3 wheel sizes on your skate which are:

1 x 72mm at the front

2 x 76mm in the middle

1 x 80mm at the back

The outsole of the skate is injected and makes for a strong durable offering which when combined with the Quarter package, they have used a black synthetic leather which is good amount of stiffness for this level of model means that the skate provides a decent level of responsiveness when skating but still offer a strong support so you feel comfortable in your skates.

Some of the higher end design features start to come through in this design as CCM Skates have kept the vents at the front of the skate on the toe which keeps the feet cooler when skating.

The tongue is also a decent level as it is a two-piece thick felt tongue which offers good comfort as well as being able to wrap nicely around your foot due to it being a two-piece tongue.

Inside the roller skate CCM have used the standard black nylon liner which is found on most skates.

Overall a good skate for its price, as CCM have looked to combine their offering by putting in as much of the higher end aspects of the CCM skate design into a lower end price skate, so that it is affordable and give you good value for money.