The CCM U+02 Ice Skate is a great entry level skate for both skaters looking to learn for the first time or hockey players looking to start playing and fine tune their skating skills.

Starting with the blade itself, it is a stainless steel runner, which is standard for a lot of skates, however there is a little difference with the CCM U02 ice skates as they are fixed in position and not removable, this means one the blade has broken or been worn down you will not be able to replace it. This is not a big deal as these will be used as entry skates as so will still have a lot of wear in them and as they will not be used as much as higher end skates, they will most likely not be sharpened as much so they will not be worn down too quickly.

The outsole is injected plastic, which is strong and lightweight for skates, but provides a little more give as you skate, which is good as it allows for beginner skater to flex more and fine tune their skating skills, until you make the step up to more higher-end skates where the outsole will be much more rigid which demands greater confidence and skills of the skater.

The quarter package on the CCM UO2 ice skates is again a good level of support but with some give so a newer skater can learn and improve their skating. The CCM U+O2 ice skates has the same embossed design as the other skates in the U+ range.

The CCM U+02 Skate uses a single piece felt tongue which is a little thinner than some of the higher end skates which help protect again lace-bite, and so it does not have the stitching down the middle of the tongue to help it wrap around your leg, however it is still a traditional tongue and will offer decent level of comfort.

Overall the CCM U+02 Ice Hockey Skates are a great choice for the beginner/casual skater, they offer good value for money, as they have some of the qualities found in the higher end skates, but does cost you the earth to try out and see if this is the type of skate for you. CCM have looked to make the skate look similar across the range, so that once you get into these ice skates, the hope is you will begin moving up the range as you will trust the brand and the look of the CCM Ice skates.