The CCM U05 Shin guard is a good looking piece of equipment as it looks as if it is solid and will protect the knee properly.

The design of the CCM UO5 Shin Pad is the same as the rest of the CCM line at the moment where they have gone for a wide and deep shape, which allows the leg to fit right inside the shin guard, and so it can wrap around and protect pretty much all of the leg, as a lot of other shin guards tend to be more shallow and will only really cover the front part of the leg and leave the back of it exposed.

At the side of the pad, it used single density foam and this continues up into the thigh guard area, this is so it offer protection around the side of the leg, but it is more flexible to allow the leg to move more freely.

Inside the CCM U+05 Shin Pad, there is a removable liner which offers that little bit more as it is allows you to clean the pad more easily and also allows for a slight bit of custom fitting as the liner begins to mould to your leg shape.

The straps on the back are the traditional cross design which cross over each other to make an X on the back of you leg, this is goof, as it provides the feeling of a secure fitting and also avoids having the strap over the back of the knee, which means it is more comfortable.

In summary, if you are interested in the CCM U+05 Shin Pad click on the link and it will show you the specification and Blue Cow Hockey offer a great deal of this item.

Over all the CCM U+05 Shin guard offers good value for money, good all round protection and offer the security provided by it being produced by a well known hockey brand.