The CCM UO6 Gloves are a part of the CCM Ice hockey glove range this year with the UO6 Hockey gloves, being the mid-range price.

The overall design of the CCM hockey gloves are the same across the range, but with some different materials used. The CCM U+ 06 ice hockey gloves are made of several materials but mainly of Nylon. On the inside it uses a single nylon weave and on the out part of the glove it uses a higher density nylon weave to ensure it keeps it durability. There are also some Synthetics colours for example the white material used on the CCM U+06 gloves which to be honest are more for cosmetic purposes, but it does not take away from the overall durability of the glove.

Looking at the protection provided by the Ice gloves it uses single density foam for a good part of the hockey glove, but it also uses some high density foam in the ‘slash’ areas on the cuff to ensure you have the protection you need.

The cuff has a plastic insert to help support the design and add that extra level of protection.

The palm of the glove uses a traditional design but has a good large overlay on the main palm to add durability. With the inside of the glove using nylon again for that nice trusted traditional feel everyone likes in the hockey glove.

Overall the design of the glove is not standard on the front as it is a more tighter fitting gloves and starts to look like a contoured or fitted glove where it is tighter on the fingers and looser at the cuff, which you will see from the cuff it flares out a bit, providing more move-ability for the player.