The CCM U+ 08 Ice hockey stick is a great step up from an entry model, and replaces the CCM U+03 Ice hockey stick this year. The U+ 08 uses FUSE shaft technology and a compression moulded blade which offers great response & snap when you are shooting.

The senior stick is 59″ in length and is available in 85 flex. The CCM U08 Ice hockey stick shaft comprises of lightweight carbon for a light and responsive stick, and the shaft itself is contoured for improved control. Which basically means it design to sit better in your hand and feel like you are holding it more comfortably?

The weight is a very good 550 grams, which for an entry stick compared to the high end ice hockey sticks which you can more than £100 more which means this is only about 100grams off the pace which is nothing when you think about it.

CCM has constructed the U+ 08 shaft out of Lightweight carbon which offers a solid feel and durability.  The FUSE technology provides a low responsive kick point. This low kick-point adds more snap to every shot type. The blade on the U+10 is built with Single Bridge construction for a rigid and focused “sweet spot.”

Here at Blue Cow Hockey we offer competitive rates and are adding the new 2011/12 ice hockey stick to our range all this months, so please check them out for a great deal, just click on the link for the CCM U+08 Ice hockey stick and it will take you to the online shop product page

In summary its is a very good entry level stick for anyone looking to start using one piece ice hockey sticks or their first single synergy ice hockey stick. The price offers a good value for money against comparable ice hockey sticks at the moment.