Did you collect hockey cards as a kid? If you did and you kept them in mint condition you could probably sell them for a few bucks. When I was a kid I had hundreds, if not thousands of cards that were kept in good shape in my hockey card boxes. They were fun to collect and trade with friends. I also had the thought that all of my hockey cards were going to be worth a lot of money many years in the future. Well, twenty years later, the cards are probably not worth all that much in terms of dollars (sure I might have a few that could be sold for more than a few bucks) but the real value of the hockey cards that I had collected as a kid is the nostalgic value that they hold.

There were several NHL hockey cards that I had which I knew were worth more than the rest. For example, I had a Cam Neely (also known as Seabass) rookie card from back in the day when he was a Vancouver Canuck. I also had a Pat LaFontaine rookie card which I treasured. Believe it or not I even had what many would consider to be the holy grail of ice hockey cards…a Wayne Gretzky rookie hockey card. I was too young to understand that this was actually something that I should take care of and I either traded it, lost it or ruined it. I can’t remember because I was so young, but I do know that at one point in my life I actually did have possession of the Wayne Gretzky rookie card.

The great thing about these hockey cards is that I still have most of them, and the ones that I don’t have anymore…well, at least I can say that I did own them at one point. The beauty about hockey cards is not necessarily the fact that one day they might all be collectors items. The truth is that hockey trading cards usually are not worth all that much, and there will most likely never be a hockey card worth as much as the T206 Honus Wagner Baseball Card, which Wayne Gretzky used to be part owner of. The best reason to collect hockey cards should not be to get rich someday by selling them, you should choose to collect hockey cards because you are a fan of hockey and you simply enjoy collecting cards related to the best sport in the world.

Collecting Hockey Cards

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