With the advancement of technology and engineering, many hockey equipment brands have entered the composite hockey sticks market. Although there are a few brands out there that make junky composite sticks, and a lot of these once piece sticks break too easily at times, composite ice hockey sticks have completely revolutionized how hockey players shoot the puck. The effects are the most obvious at higher levels of hockey, and the composite hockey stick is definitely not worth the money or necessary for young children, but most skilled hockey players who have tried the one piece composite hockey sticks refuse to go back to a wood stick.

Easton Synergy pretty much revolutionized the composite hockey stick between five and ten years ago when they engineered the first ever one piece composite hockey stick. Composite shafts were available before that, but it wasn’t until the one piece composite was introduced that hockey stick brands realized that a lower kick point (where the shaft meets the blade) allowed for a harder shot. Composite sticks also are much more customizable than say a wood stick or those old school aluminum hockey sticks that everyone was using before the composite was introduced. Not only do you get a consistent curve with each stick that you purchase, but you also get a consistent flex and stiffness.

So basically the composite hockey sticks of today are allowing players to find the perfect stick for them and get that identical stick each and every time the get a new one. With wood sticks it was always difficult to get the exact same feeling stick each time, so you each time you were to use a new stick you had to spend a few shifts just getting used to that particular ice hockey stick.

Now that goaltenders have gotten so good in recent years, it is a good thing that composite hockey sticks came onto the scene. If players were still just using wood and aluminum hockey sticks, I imagine that goal scoring in the National Hockey League would be way down, which would make hockey much less popular to watch. One thing I should mention though, is the fact that there are a few special players that are using wood hockey sticks in the NHL and they are able to have success with them. Paul Stastny of the Colorado Avalanche is well known for his scoring touch, and he uses a wood stick to this day, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that if Stastny did use a composite hockey stick he would probably have a few more goals than he has today.

Composite Hockey Sticks

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