Many hockey enthusiasts and ice hockey players have a desire to collect hockey memorabilia, and while this is not the most lucrative memorabilia niche, it can be a very fun hobby if you enjoy hockey. Most people think of hockey cards or autographed jerseys when they think of ice hockey memorabilia, but one of the more interesting collections when it comes to hockey is collecting custom hockey pucks with team logos from many different leagues printed on them.

The great thing about collecting custom ice hockey pucks is that they are relatively inexpensive, and they are much more difficult to tarnish or damage when you compare them to ice hockey cards. Another benefit collection customized hockey pucks is that they display nicely when you compare them to other collectibles. You can stack the hockey pucks facing out on a fireplace mantle, a shelf or even a boxed frame. It can be difficult to display other memorabilia without having it look a bit out of place, but a hockey puck collection usually looks nice and it is a great conversation piece when you have company over for dinner.

You can buy hockey pucks with your favorite team logos on them if you attend that teams hockey game. Usually their are souvenir shops at hockey games which sell variations of their teams custom hockey pucks. You can also easily order unique and rare pucks online at various hockey websites and/or auction type websites where you bid on a puck that is to your liking.

If you are looking to customize ice hockey pucks with your own teams logo on it, that can be done quite easily too with the advancements of things like the internet. Websites offer custom hockey puck creation services for an affordable price. It should be noted that in order for you to get customized ice hockey pucks, most of the time you will have to order your pucks in bulk orders of one hundred pucks or more. Ordering your own custom hockey pucks is a great way to personalize hockey pucks for your amateur hockey team as well as create some memorabilia of your own that will be incredibly rare, yet will conjure up great memories when you see your customized puck.

If you are looking for a fun hobby where you can collect something that is hockey related but can’t get into collecting hockey cards, you might really want to consider starting your very own hockey puck collection.

Custom Hockey Pucks

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