If you play hockey you must have had to purchase a pair of ice hockey skates before. Obviously the ice hockey skate is an essential piece of hockey equipment, however knowing which hockey skate to buy can be much more difficult than you would expect. If you purchase a pair of skates that do not fit your feet well, you could be in for a world of pain which would in turn force you to either buy another new pair of skates or to quit playing hockey all together.

Former National Hockey League superstar Peter Forsberg has had a long history of foot problems which have forced him in and out of hockey for the last several years. Though most people do not skate as much as him, and he might have some genetic feet problems that make skates painful to wear, foot pain due to the wrong ice hockey skate is a problem that many professional and amateur hockey players experience. The problem with just skating through the pain of a bad ice hockey skate is that you can do permanent damage to your feet which could in turn make it difficult for you to wear any ice hockey skates in the future.

The best thing you can do when buying your next pair of ice hockey skates is truly research all the skates that are available, go to your local pro shop or hockey store and try on as many pairs of ice hockey skates as possible. Once you find a pair that seems like it might work well, when you are trying them on, leave them on for an extended period of time while you are at the pro shop, and once you feel that the ice hockey skate that you have on is going to work for you, you will want to bake them. Most hockey shops have special skate ovens that you can heat up your skates in for about five minutes, then once they are nice and warm you put the skates on again and tighten them up which allows the skate to form fit to your particular foot. Obviously you have to purchase the skate before you will be allowed to bake them, but this is essential in allowing you to quickly break in your ice hockey skates and allow them to be custom fitted for your foot.

Do not take for granted the importance of a well fitting hockey skate. If you overlook the need to wear a skate that does not hurt your foot, you will surely do more damage to your feet which in turn will cause you more pain each time that you skate. Do not immediately just purchase the cheapest skate to save a few bucks, because more often than not the more expensive skates are usually better for preventing foot problems.

Custom Ice Hockey Skate

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