If you are shopping online for hockey skates then let our expert team assist you in your decision.  We have researched online suppliers and high performance players including professionals from the NHL, AHL, ECHL, and CHL leagues.  Some of the most popular choices are Bauer hockey skates.

Bauer has been a brand of choice for many years by some of the NHL’s fastest skaters.  Top brands like CCM, Nike, Graf, Mission, and Easton are all good choices too.  Important features for Bauer hockey are heel support, graphite base, break in period, comfort latex ankle pads, durability, optimal lateral stability, insole and outsole for tighter turning ability, and Tuuk stainless steel blades for proven performance and speed.  Tuuk blades are also known to stay sharper longer.  Because hockey skates can make or break a player, top NHL scouts have always said the hardest skill to teach a player when they mold them is skating.  You either develop it at an early age and master it later in your teens because all the other skills you can develop even at the professional level.  If you are a young player you will want to practice skating as much as possible and enroll in power skating courses with qualified instructors.  Practice stops and starts, c-cuts, inside and outside edges, crossovers, forward and backward transitions.

If you want to be great at skating you will want to buy the best hockey skates you can find.  Fitting your foot is very important when selecting a skate.  It is way different then a shoe fit.  For instance when you are standing in Bauer hockey skates straight up your toes should be touching the edges at the front.  When you bend your knees into a hockey stance your toes should come off the front a little complimented by your heel staying tight in the back and the sides of the skate keeping your foot locked into position.  This is known as a Bauer hockey skates professional custom fit that all serious players should follow.  When shopping Bauer hockey online make sure you ask before you purchase if you have not already had your foot measured.

Below are our merchants we work with to bring you the best and most competitive deals on hockey skates.  We have shopped the Internet to bring you only top brand names and shipping deals so you will save more than purchasing full price from hockey retail stores.  Be careful that some larger stores buy some Bauer hockey skates with imperfections that they purchase at a discount.  Some of these are very minor like a bend blade that can easily be corrected if you know what to look for and have the resources to do so.  Because if you want the best like Bauer hockey then you should not be concerned about price to get the best quality available on the market today.  Shop today and save.

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