If you are shopping online for Roller hockey skates then let our expert team assist you in your decision.  We have researched online suppliers and high performance players including professionals from the top roller hockey leagues.  Top brands like Tour Blue, Tour Beamer, Tour Red Max, Nike, Nexed Stinger, Nike Quest, Mission, and Bauer 20-90 roller skates are all great choices.  Important features for roller hockey skates are heel support, Past vert or steel eyelets, aluminum Hi-LO frame, break in period, comfort latex ankle pads, durability, Contouring Indy Foam for ankles, felt tongue insole and outsole for tighter turning ability, and 72mm and 80mm wheels with 608 standard sized bearings for performance and speed.  You may also want to consider a foot bed as an insole for high arches and better control.  Our online wholesalers will provide you with the best deals for inline hockey skates and also incentives to purchase again and again.  Some of these incentives are shipping specials; discount prices, free gift, or just honest savings.  Make sure you inquire about bearings and wheels for your best performance when playing competitively in a league or just for fun.  Bearings or wheels are the difference between a great roller hockey player and a poor one.

Because inline hockey skates are similar to hockey skates when fitting, consider this rule of thumb when trying on the boot.  Fitting your foot is very important when selecting roller skates.  It is very different from a shoe fit.  For example when you are standing in Roller hockey skates straight up your toes should be touching the edges of the very front of the toe cup.  Then as you bend your knees into a hockey stance, your toes should come off the front of the toe cup just a smidge while your heel stays tight in the back and the sides of the boot are keeping your foot locked into position.  This is a roller skate custom fit that all serious Roller hockey players should follow.  Because turning on the pavement or concrete requires great strength you need your boot to fit perfectly without error for best performance.

Below are some of the best select merchants in the business today to assist you in your decision with best name brands, competitive prices, discount deals, and shipping savings for all roller skates.  Some merchants will offer club card savings on sale items, roller hockey skates and accessories like wheels, bearings and aluminum chassis.  Because inline hockey skates need more maintenance than ice skates you will need to save online for your wheels, bearings, chassis and tool kits.  Stick to names like Tuuk, Gear S1, Sure-Grip, Sherwood, Easton, and Bauer for best performance and durability.

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