Pure hockey is premier hockey only dealerships that sell most brand names of equipment.  Their staff is very knowledgeable about products like skates, sticks, pants, masks, elbow pads, shoulder pads, shin pads and more.  They pride themselves on their staff, which ranges from Division One College players to High School level.  Pure hockey is unique because their sales staff and buyers are not on a commission or incentive basis.  Their jobs are to guide customers to the correct product for their game.

At Pure hockey their staff is known to play some form of hockey and test most products that they sell so you receive hands on advise on what piece of equipment best suits your needs.  This is very unique and there should be more stores like this as many department style stores employ staff just to be there and not really offer this specialized knowledge

If you have ever played hockey then you know how important equipment is to your game.  For instance many people don’t know this but one small mistake in sizing your hockey skates will make a significant difference in your control, speed, agility, and overall performance.  This could be the difference between making a team or getting cut.  Let our online experts or Pure hockey guides you through your hockey equipment decision.

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