If you are searching for hockey fights of your favorite goons like Tie Domi, Krzysztof Oliwa, Bob Probert, Gino Odjick, Stu Grimson, Rob Ray, or Sandy McCarthy then look no further.  We are your complete online resource for hockey fights.  Because the role of a NHL star is so important to winning the games they must have protection when on the ice.  Some dirty teams will try to deliberately hurt the opposing teams star in order to gain competitive advantage.  This is why each team will employ one or two enforcers.

If you are a fan of the NHL you will usually see one or two hockey fights throughout a game.  These tussles in the game are necessary and are tradition.  Hockey players are among the toughest of the athletes.  They have endurance, amazing strength, agility, talent, and a toughness that is not seen in other sports.  To have the balance to stand toe to toe with another tough player and punch it out after an exhausting shift takes an enormous amount of energy.

If you have ever fought hockey fights then you know just how hard it is to keep balance on two thin blades of steel and punch the other opponent to win.  Fighting is a way to gain respect among teams and to avoid unfair treatment as you play that same team more times.  Dropping the gloves is the true test of a hockey player as the ones who don’t stand toe to toe are referred to as turtles.

Greatest Hockey Fights