When I was a kid hockey accessories were pretty difficult to come by compared to today. I remember getting so excited anytime I could go to a professional hockey game because I knew that the rink would be selling mini hockey sticks, lil’ brats hockey key chains, hockey card sand other hockey related accessories.

Nowadays though, with the advancements of technology and the internet it is much easier to purchase hockey accessories. Going online and visiting professional, minor league, college and junior hockey websites you can usually find an abundance of accessories relating to your favourite team. You can also visit websites such as Ebay and Craigslist to find accessories and collectibles that are new and old alike.

Though it is nice to have easy access to fun ice hockey accessories, I must admit that I actually prefer the way it used to be. The reason why I do not prefer such easy access to hockey related products is because I do not believe that kids these days can appreciate them in the way that I used to when I was young. It was always great to look forward to going to a hockey game or tournament in order to maybe find a new hockey accessory that I could treasure. However, being able to get any hockey accessories that you want with the click of a mouse somehow takes away from the fun of actually coming across the item at your local ice rink.

Despite the fact that the internet and technology has evolved into a tool that can make our lives much easier, I do have to say that there was something nice about not having access to buy anything you could possibly want online.

Hockey accessories are not the only products that have been somewhat negatively affected by advancements in technology, the same goes for ice hockey equipment…purchasing any product online does not have the same feel as purchasing at your local hockey shop, but you do have access to many more products and deals with the internet so it can’t be all that bad right?

Hockey Accessories

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