If used to collect hockey cards or if you still do, you probably have spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out exactly how to preserve the best cards that you have by keeping them in mint condition. Obviously collecting hockey cards should just be considered a fun hobby, but every now and again you must think to yourself, “I wonder how much my hockey card collection is worth?” Well the answer to that is next to nothing unless you kept your hockey cards in very good shape, and the only way to do that is to put each card in its own individual plastic case or to place your hockey cards in designated hockey card boxes, and if you are really careful you might just want to do both.

In order for your hockey cards to be considered any type of investment, whether it be large or small, you have to keep your cards in mint condition for many years. Most hockey card collectors do not want to buy as many individual plastic card cases as they have hockey cards, so for that reason using hockey card boxes is much more convenient and can do a very good job at keeping your cards mint. When I was a kid I used several different types of boxes for hockey cards, but the best ones were the ones that had separate rows with which to store my hockey cards in. Usually they had about three rows that you could organize your cards in. The hockey card box was a great way to store cards that I knew I wanted to keep in good shape, but did not necessarily want to take out and look at all that often.

If for some reason you like to look at your hockey cards frequently, hockey card boxes probably are not your best option. Instead you might consider buying some hockey card books. Each of these hockey card books have many pages with separate sleeves to hold anywhere from nine to twelve cards per page. Although the hockey card book does do a decent job of keeping your cards in mint condition, there have been instances where I have damaged my hockey cards by accidentally bending a page with cards in it.

If you enjoy collecting hockey cards, you should definitely consider trying to find a good way in which to protect each of your most valuable cards. For me storing the cards in a protective area, the best option was to buy a few hockey card boxes. The simply provide the best bang for your buck when it comes to finding protection for your ice hockey cards.

Hockey Card Boxes

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