You might not know it, but you can tell a lot about a hockey player by the hockey equipment bag that they carry their hockey gear in. It might sound elitist or judgemental, but for some reason the stereotypes that are attached to certain hockey equipment bags are usually pretty accurate.

If you have played ice hockey for quite a few years, you probably already know that hockey is a sport full of tradition and machismo. There are many hockey players that are all about “old time hockey”, and these players do not take kindly to the evolution of some of the equipment and accessories associated with hockey. One of these accessories that have evolved in arguably negative ways are ice hockey equipment bags. You see, ten to fifteen years ago, there was only really one style of hockey bags which was basically a very large duffel bag with plenty of pockets to store all of your ice hockey equipment.

Today however, there is a new style of bag that is becoming very popular amongst new hockey players. The hockey bags with wheels are being used by more hockey players each year, youth and adults alike. These wheeled hockey equipment bags have become popular with new hockey players, but to the hockey playing veteran who has played for a long time, the bag with wheels represents a new breed of wimpy hockey players. Granted, this is just an opinion, but what you should know if you are thinking of purchasing hockey equipment bags with wheels is that there are many old school hockey players with the same opinion on bags with wheels that I have.

If you are thinking of buying a new hockey bag, I would definitely suggest that you purchase the traditional hockey equipment bag, the one without wheels. Just because it is acceptable to wheel a suitcase around the airport, does not mean it is entirely accepted to wheel a hockey bag around the ice rink. You can spot a novice hockey player a mile away when they wheel their hockey equipment into the hockey locker room.

Hockey Equipment Bags

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