We opened our company, hockey equipment heaven, in July 2010. Our knowledge of the game of hockey and the costs involved goes back 40 years. Coaching and playing for 27 years, we understand how expensive hockey can be for any family, especially if you have more than one member of your family playing hockey. We looked over many hockey equipment distributors, trying to find the one that makes a great durable product and has the best quality product for safety and has the lowest price of every product they sell over any compeditor. We decided on Flite hockey equipment because it is what they claim. Try on any of this hockey gear and you will discover that the equipment speaks for it self. The hockey equipment is designed to out perform any compeditors equipment. Flite hockey equipment has been in business since 1993 and they have a great proven product. Hockey equipment heaven is a customer service focused company. We are comitted to prompt service, meeting our customers wants and needs and providing high quality merchandise you can trust. What you see some NHL players wearing is our hockey equipment and these players are not being paid to wear our hockey gear. All our customers are priority one, just like all the members of our family. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us here at hockey equipment heaven.com, so please contact us with any requests or other concerns and we promise to respond promptly. We encourage you to send us customer feed back about your experience with our products and any requests that you have in product performance, so that we can continue to carry the products that you are seeking. Thank you for shopping with us at hockey equipment heaven.com.

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