The evolution of the game begins with the players. Because of the evolution of the hockey player, arises the need for hockey equipment. The players needs skates consisting of sharp blades, throwing pucks at a speed of 100 mph and following various types of checking.

The hockey player needs various types of equipment for their protection. The hockey equipments are prepared from sturdy materials like Graphite and Kevlar. So, these equipments are worn by the players while playing hockey to defend themselves from hazards of the game. There are various different types of hockey equipments and they are:-

Hockey Skates

Skates are a fundamental part of equipment which are made up of three parts such as the exterior holder, interior boot and the attachable blade.

They protect the feet against the sticks and pucks and also provide protection from the ice. The boots attached in the skates are durable, light in weight and provides comfort.


• Nylon toe tip provides cut resistance and abrasion.
• Anatomically placed foam ankle pads for comfort.
• Durable outsole ensures long term performance.
• Quarter package offers abrasion resistance and cut.
• Cambrelle liner for fast drying and easy fit

Hockey Pucks

A hockey puck is a hard black disk which is made up of vulcanized rubber. The dimensions for a standard puck are 3 inches in diameter, 1 inch thick and the weight is between 5.5-6 ounces.
Hockey pucks are patented with league symbols or group on one or both the sides. FoxTrax is one of the types of puck which is also known as a smart puck, glow puck or super puck.

Hockey Sticks

A hockey stick is a piece of equipment which is used in various types of hockey like ice hockey, field hockey or roller hockey to move the puck or ball.

These hockey sticks are available in various sizes, shapes, colors, designs, length and width. There are various brands available for hockey sticks. Senior hockey sticks are different from the junior hockey sticks. The hockey sticks for referee and goalie are different.


• The head shape of these hockey sticks provides better control particularly on the reverse side of the stick.
• Increased bow provides various advantages like slingshot effect and dampening.
• It consists of 10 percent Kevlar, 90 percent carbon fiber and no fiberglass.

Hockey Gloves

Hockey gloves are invented for the protection of the player’s hands from skates, sticks and pucks. These gloves play no role in the playing or presentation of the game. Players and goal tenders wear different types of gloves on both the hands.


• Super 40 foams
• Butterfly padding in cuff opening allows wrist motion with protection from hooking.
• Index finger side padding for increased protection.
• Original reaction fingers allow hand to secure physically for better stick control.

Hockey Masks

Hockey masks are also important piece of material or equipment worn by goal tenders for protecting the head from various injuries.

There are two types of goalie masks used in hockey and they are helmet or cage combination and the other one is a fiberglass mask along with the cage attached to it.


• Restricted mask of the CHL
• Additional sweatband and protective carrying bag included.
• One inch adjustable elastic belts
• Authorized mask of the USA hockey
• Designed and handcrafted in Canada .
• Non-licensed cat-eye wire

Hockey Equipments

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