When success in a game of hockey is determined by the goals that are scored and how well the puck was handled, the right hockey stick for a player is a must. So how do you determine which stick is right for you? First off, since your hockey stick is basically an extension of your arm so you’ll want to start by making sure your stick is the right height. Here is your first tip; place the toe of the hockey blade between your feet, then lean the stick straight up and see if the top of the stick touches your chin or your nose. If you have skates on the then it should touch your chin; if you are in stocking feet then it should touch the tip of your nose. This will be the same for either ice hockey or inline hockey.

The rest of your hockey stick buying will be a matter of preference. You have the option of buying a one piece hockey stick or one with a shaft that you can buy replacement blades for when needed. Hockey stick shafts come in all sorts of materials; wood, composites, fiberglass, aluminum, graphite, Kevlar and even titanium. That means that each stick will come in different durability’s and weights. So pick up a couple as see how they feel. It’s different for everyone depending on if you’re a beginner or intermediate and especially if you’re buying a goalie stick. Remember that goalie sticks are larger and heavier and don’t buy one that is too short. You can always shorten it over time if you feel it’s too long, either that or choke up on the shaft.

Also, if you are a first time hockey stick buyer, try to keep you hockey stick blade fairly straight. Once you get the hang of handling a hockey puck then experiment with curving it. In the meantime you’ll have better handling while you’re perfecting your NHL shot! If you are at all concerned about brand, all brands of hockey sticks such as Sherwood, Easton, Koho, Louisville, Titan, Mission, CCM, Bauer, Nike, Falcon, or TPS are good quality and affordable. Just knowing that makes it that much easier to shop online, once you have found your perfect fit.

Hockey games hinge on scoring goals to win, so wouldn’t it make sense to have a good hockey stick fit and buy brands like Easton, Louisville and Sherwood?