For years I had a hard time finding ahockey glove that I really liked. In the 80’s and even the 90’s hockey gloves were not built with nearly the quality that they are built with today. I know some people might disagree with me there, but I just feel like the ice hockey gloves of yesteryear were much less protective and they used to be much more difficult to break in due to the stiff material that was used. Today however, there are a lot of glove companies that are putting much more thought into their glove designs which allow the average hockey player to buy the gloves and not have to worry about breaking them in.

When Eagle gloves came out, I was kind of skeptical because they were a brand that I had never heard of before and I really had no idea of what to expect from these gloves. Well, the second I tried the Eagle hockey gloves on I knew I had to have a pair. They just got it right. There was absolutely no break in required which I always love, but they also came up with a great way to market their gloves. They set themselves apart from the rest of the hockey glove market because I believe they were the first glove brand to allow anybody to ordercustom hockey gloves with your own preferred designs and colors and you can even get your name sewn on the gloves. Now, professional hockey players are used to this, but the fact that they brought the customization feature to the average hockey player made them a major competitor in the hockey glove game.

Nowadays, some of the other glove companies have followed suit with Eagle’s ideas of really paying attention to getting the most comfortable yet protective glove design for youth hockey gloves and adults alike. But I am not sure if any of the other hockey glove companies have made it so easy to order custom hockey glove designs like Eagle did years ago. Now, I have to mention that Eagle gloves are a bit more expensive than most of their competitors gloves, but they definitely stand the test of time. These gloves will last you years and you really do not need to get them re-palmed very frequently either.

If I am going to throw down some of my hard earned cash for some hockey gloves, I’d rather shell out a few extra bucks to get a pair that I know is of the highest quality and will not need to be replaced within a couple of years. Just like with the hockey helmet and most other ice hockey equipment, you might as well do a bit of research to make sure that you get the best hockey glove for your money.

Hockey Gloves Made Right

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