Only buy quality youth goalie equipment. Don’t put your son, daughter or a player at a greater risk.

Parents of youth goalies and those of you buying your ownhockey goalie equipment be prepared to make some expensive decisions. There is a vast array of goalie equipment available today. You have to make informed purchase decisions that will protect your goalie and last the season. Hopefully it will last a couple seasons if you do your research. Don’t go for cheap goalie equipment that won’t last or protect the player.

Kids that play goalie watch the NHL and want to wear what the pros do for equipment.

Hockey goalie equipment consists of the following equipment. There are gloves, trappers, blockers, goalie stick, leg pads, goalie helmet,chest pad and sweater. All the equipment is for both male and female except for one. You can figure that one out yourself.

Gloves, Trappers and Blockers

When looking to purchase trappers and blockers, make sure the fit is good. A sloppy fit is a no no. The fit should be nice and snug. Make sure they have stings so that the player can tighten them down. You should be aware that you will probably get a few years of use from the trapper. The blocker is a different story. The palms of the blocker may wear out in a year with heavy use. Using friction tape on the goalie stick will make the palm of the blocker wear out faster. Use regular tape to increase the life span of the blocker. Also, make sure the blocker has a piece of plastic in it to help absorb the shot.

Goalie Stick

The height of a goalies stick is not as important as the paddle part. The paddle is the upper part of the stick that is thicker. When your youth goalie holds the stick just above the paddle the should be flat on the ice. Paddles on the sticks come in different sizes. Be sure to have the player hold the goalie stick above the paddle part to make sure it is flat on the ice.

You should also check the blade height on every stick you get. These sticks are made by people and there is human error involved. Don’t take the chance of getting caught with any illegal hockey goalie equipment. Make sure you measure the stick after you paint it or put tape on it as this will increase the height.

Chest Protector

When looking to purchase a goalie chest protector there is one thing you must make sure of. This is that there is some sort of plastic in it along with the foam. The company’s that just put foam in the chest protector are do not have the safety of the goalie in mind. As the player sweats all season long, that moisture will eventually start to break down the foam. This leads to the player feeling the shot more with the degradation of the foam. You don’t want your player ending up with a couple of broken ribs due to cheap goalie equipment. Be sure the chest protector has a piece of plastic in it to absorb the shock just like the blocker.

Athletic Supporter and Cup

You know what it protects. So, WEAR TWO OF THEM!!! I am not joking. This is a pivotal part of youth goalie gear. Get a cup that is high enough and wide enough to cover your groin area. This is also the area where sports hernias occur. It is kind of hard to size cups, but the effort is worth it. Hockey goalies get hit in this area a lot. Especially if they use teh butterfly technique. You should also make sure that your hockey pants are well padded in this area to for even more protection.

Goalie Sweater

There is a right fit for the sweater. A lot of kids play the position with regular sweaters that are tight around the arms. This will restrict arm movement. You do not want that. Get a jersey that is goalie cut. It is bigger in the arm area. When looking to buy a goalie jersey make sure it says goalie cut.

Goalie Helmet

What you want in a youth goalie helmet is one that is certified and has been through and passed all the testing. It should fit well while allowing for a good view of the ice. The sticks today allow for players to make better, harder and faster shots. You want a helmet that can withstand the force of the puck hitting it at 100 mph.

Also you should make your child wear a throat guard. A goalie down on the ice with a bunch of players around poking at the puck could very well catch the goalie in the neck. I recommend that you make your child wear both the collar that goes around the neck and the piece that attaches to the chin.

Goalie Pads

Most young players want to wear the biggest pads they can get. What you want is for the player to stop the puck first. But, if the pads are to big and the player can not skate, he or she can not play the position the proper way. You want a pads that will allow you to skate comfortably.

Goalie Skates

When buying a goalie skates make sure that the instep provides enough protection. Be sure there is plastic on the instep. Some skates are cut lower than other ones. In todays game with speedier players a goalies skates should be sharp. This will allow a good push off for movement. A youth hockey goalie should have a 5/8 inch hollow.

Be careful when choosing hockey goalie equipment. Make sure it is quality name brand stuff. You will be glad you did in the long run.

Hockey Goalie Equipment

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