Many hockey goalies have a love for the equipment that they wear while playing one of the most difficult positions in all of sports. I also know many goalies, including myself, who started playing goalie because they like the way that hockey goalie equipment looks. Perhaps one of the most popular pieces of equipment for goal tenders to buy is the hockey goalie glove. While the goalie mask and the leg pads are also very popular pieces of equipment, the reason why some goalies list their favourite piece of goalie gear as the goalie glove is because they love to make that big glove save made famous by goalies such as Edmonton Oiler great, Grant Fuhr.

If you have never played goaltender in hockey before, then you might have a hard time relating to the goal tender’s love for hockey goalie gloves. One of the absolute best feelings you get as a goalie is when you make that highlight reel glove save that is dramatic and flashy at the same time. A lot of goalies would probably tell you that their favourite save to make is a glove save. So it is no surprise that the piece of hockey goalie equipment used to make such a great save is the hockey goalie catcher.

Another great thing about the glove save is that while it looks and feels great, it is a relatively easy and untechnical save to make when you compare it to the other saves that goal tenders make. If you know how to catch a baseball with a mitt, then you should know how to catch a puck with a hockey goalie glove. If you take a shot to the catcher of even the newest goalie he has a decent chance of being able to catch it and get that feeling of highway robbery of your opponent on the ice.

Hockey goalie gloves are also great because you can customize them with your favorite colors and patterns as well as personalize it with your name stitched somewhere on the cuff of the glove. Also, breaking in a hockey goalie catch glove can be difficult, but once you get it broken in you will have a hard time giving up that glove when it is time to buy a new one because it has that feeling of a very comfortable shoe (or something of that nature).

If you are looking to buy a new hockey goalie glove you should do some research online, but I would also have to say that you probably do not want to buy your glove online because you should definitely try it on prior to purchasing so that you know that it fits and that it feels good.

Hockey Goalie Glove

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