Even though hockey goalies overwhelmingly prefer to wear the ever popular hockey goalie mask, there are still a few goaltenders that have not taken to the mask and instead wear the hockey goalie helmets and cages like you see on goalies like the Detroit Redwing’s Chris Osgood. He wears a helmet and mask combo, and while I do enjoy the looks of the painted goalie masks that are worn by many goalies today, I can certainly understand why some goalies do not want to switch from the hockey goalie helmet that they have been used to wearing for so long.

Certainly the main reason why some goalies to not want to change what they wear in terms of head protection is because they do not take to changing what has worked well for them in the past. Hockey goaltenders can be very superstitious, and if you have played well in ahockey goalie helmet and cage combo, you probably do not want to mess with what has worked well for you.

Another reason why hockey goalie helmets and cage combos might be preferred by certain goaltenders is because they appear to have better peripheral vision. Though it might just be in their own heads, and if you have worn a hockey goalie mask you know that you do not have much difficulty seeing out of the corner’s of your eyes, when looking at both of the head protectors side by side, it certainly does look as though you would have a wider range of view when looking out of hockey goalie helmets with cage combos.

Whatever the reason may be for professional or amateur goalies not wanting to sport the flashy style of painted hockey goalie mask, instead opting to wear a hockey goalie helmet and cage, there are plenty of goalies who prefer the simple solution for head protection. When I first started playing goalie over twenty years ago, I started by wearing a helmet and cage combo and it worked out just fine. But eventually, when I got a little bit older, I opted to upgrade to the more customizable goalie mask. If I still were playing goalie today, I would definitely be wearing a mask instead of the helmet cage combo, but whatever you choose to wear to protect your head while playing goalie is up to what you prefer as they both offer sufficient protection for your head and face.

Hockey Goalie Helmets

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