For hockey goalies, buying goalie equipment can be quite difficult, especially if you are new to playing goaltender. Hockey goalie pants are often a piece of the goaltender’s gear that gets overlooked and not much though goes into what pants you would want as a goaltender. Some new goalies even make the mistake of purchasing regular hockey pants instead of hockey goaltender pants and suffice to say it usually does not take them long to realize that this was a mistake, and the bruises on these goalies legs are the proof.
Hockey goalie pants are different from regular hockey pants in a few ways, and these differences might be subtle, but they do make a huge difference in the amount of protection that goaltenders have from the puck. Goalie pants are almost always a few inches shorter than regular hockey breezers. The reason why goaltender pants are shorter is to allow for the goalie leg pads to sit comfortably and over lap the pant without getting in the way. Ice hockey goalie pants are also a bit wider than regular hockey pants due to the fact that there are quite a few more pads inside of goalie pants, especially on the inside of the legs. Goaltenders at high levels face some very hard shots that can do some damage if you are not wearing proper hockey goalie pants. The other difference between goalie and forward pants is that for goalies, their pants do not usually rise as high as player pants which allows for the hockey goalie chest protector to comfortably fit over the top of the pant without getting in the way.
It is important for any goaltender to realize that a quality pair of goalie pants will definitely prevent an abundance of injuries to your legs and thighs. I have seen to many goalies and goalie parents that simply want to save a bit of money by purchasing a cheap pair of goaltender pants, but usually at one point or another they eventually regret their decision to save money because of an unfortunate injury or deep bruise. If you are about to take up goalie as your permanent position in ice hockey, it is essential that you do some research on the goalie equipment that you will need to prevent injuries. Research the different brands of goalie equipment as well as the different models. Do not overlook hockey goaltender pants as being an important piece of goalie gear to prevent the occasional stinger slap shot to your legs.

Hockey Goalie Pants