To people who do not know much about hockey or the position of goalie, they might now realize that hockey goalie pants are quite a bit different from traditional forward hockey pants. To the naked eye they probably look identical, but any goalie who takes heavy shots will tell you that they wouldn’t dare wear forward pants while playing goalie.

Goalie pants are so much different for a few reasons. First, they offer much more padding for the obvious reason that goalies face many shots each game and they need more protection from the puck than most forwards do. Also, the hockey goalie pant happens to usually be a bit wider because to offer up some additional net coverage allowing goalies to make a few more saves than if they were to wear pants a narrow as players use. The hockey goalie breezier also tends to be lower cut in the waist to allow for room for your chest protector to overlap without feeling too restricted. And finally most goalie pants are shorter in length because there needs to be room for the goalie leg pads to overlap the thigh area of the goalie. Some of the goalie pants also have extensions that extend down over the knee which offer a minor amount of padding for when the goalie drops to his or her knees to make a save and the knee/thigh becomes exposed. While some goalie pants do have the extra padding extension, most goalies that use these extra pads use the ones that come attached to their goalie leg pads.

So those are the main differences between the goalie pant and the forward pant. Obviously goalie is a completely different position than forward, so it makes sense that goalies would wear different breezers than a forward would wear. Goalie equipment has been finely tuned and engineered over the few decades, but only recently has goalie equipment taken so many evolutionary steps that the form and function of the goalie gear gets debated by professional hockey executives because goalies are becoming too good and scoring goals is so difficult. Although goalie pants have not evolved as much as some of the other pieces of equipment that hockey goal tenders wear, they have still become more advanced allowing goalies to be more comfortable and protected.

Hockey Goalie Pants

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