A player can score a goal in hockey when a puck crosses over the goal line inside the goal enclose. If the goal is scored, then it offers a team with one point. The main aim of the hockey game is to achieve more goals than the rival team.

The role of the defence men and goal tenders are to save the team from scoring a goal. A goal is not considered to be valid if it is thrown to the goal with a stick lifting over the height of the crossbar. If the puck is thrown or kicked into the goal, then also it is not considered to be a goal.

Different Types of Hockey Goals

  • Empty net goal
  • Even strength goal
  • Penalty shot goal
  • Shorthanded goal
  • Power play goal
  • Overtime goal
  • Game winning goal
  • Go-ahead goal
  • Game-tying goal
  • Garbage goal
  • Breakaway goal

Each year National Hockey League players receive Rocket Richard Trophy for scoring the maximum goals. Maurice Richard was the first player who scored about 50 goals at a time in the hockey tournament.

Wayne Gretzky also scores 50 goals in the 39 th match of hockey game. If the player achieves 3 goals in a whole game it is called as a hat trick and when the player keeps on making goals successively, then it is called as a natural hat trick.

Hockey Goals

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