In recent years many hockey ice skates have increased in price considerably. While many hockey players can’t afford the top of the line hockey skates, they do still have options as far as skates that they can afford. Depending on the level of hockey that you play, it might or might not be necessary for you to break the bank and buy the most expensive skates in your preferred brand.

If you play hockey at an elite level, chances are that you are probably going to need the top of the line CCM, Bauer or RBK hockey skates. The reason why is because they are more apt to offering you the support you will need without breaking down early. If you do not have the proper support in your hockey ice skates your potential for injury is much higher than if you had such support. The top of the line skate in each brand is going to be a bit lighter than other models as well. The lighter skate will obviously allow you to move a little bit quicker, but it probably won’t be all that noticeable. Usually the top of the line hockey ice skate for most brands also have some included bells and whistles, for example the RBK 9k hockey skates have the patented Reebok pump for some added cushion, as well as the lace lock which is great for keeping your skates tight. If you are an adult or teenager playing at a high level of hockey I would suggest you spend the extra money to get the high quality skate that should last you much longer than the lower tier skates available with each brand of hockey ice skates.

If however, you are a child or a hockey player that is not elite, I would have to suggest that you stay away from the top notch hockey skate model. You might play one or two times a week recreationally, or you might simply not be a very good skater, and if this is the case, you would be wasting your money by spending it on the best skate available.

Not only will you not be getting any more benefit out of these skates than you would with a lower tier hockey ice skate that might cost a few hundred dollars less, but it will probably be very difficult for you to break these ice hockey skates in due to their stiffness. Newer skaters will be just fine using the average quality skate, so if you want to save some money while hockey ice skates shopping, make sure you do not get caught up in the features of the expensive skate because it won’t be worth it to you.

As usual, if you are new to hockey, you should consider doing a lot of research online and talking with other hockey players about the hockey ice skates that they prefer and what they like about them. This way you will have a good idea before going in to purchase your new pair of ice hockey skates, and you will also prevent having to buy another pair of skates anytime soon.

Hockey Ice Skates

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