The teams of hockey are divided into 3 lines which resolve the time of each player positioned on the ice during the game. The first line involves the top players and the third line is kept for the recruited players and is not as good as the top players.

The hockey game involves the two designations like Assistant Captain and Captain. Each team contains only one main captain and two assistant captains. The assistant captain will direct the game if the captain is not able to play the game. Private designations are Sniper, Star and Enforcer.

The star is considered as the top most players playing on the ice having the maximum goals. The main aim of enforcer is to save the star player. Theenforcer gets into the fights if the player from the other team hits the star and has the maximum penalty minutes.

The sniper can also become a star and is the top and most perfect player of the team. The goalie remains throughout the game while playing ice hockey. The second goalie can be recruited in the game in case when the first goalie gets injured.

Hockey Position

There are mainly 6 different positions in hockey and they are center, left or right defense, left or right wing and goalie.

Defensive Zone


The player in the center is the follower of the puck in the defensive zone. If the puck is on the right or left hand side of the net, then the center man will pass the puck to the right or left winger and also helps the defense man.

Right or Left Wing

If the puck is on the side of the wingers, then they remain at the hash marks and if it is on the other side, he remains in the high slot. The winger defends the defense man at the blue line in case if the puck is on the side of the opposing team.

Right or Left Defense

One defense man is positioned on the corner in order to get the puck and the other one is in front of the net.


The role of the goalie is to protect the puck from going into the net.

Offensive Zone


The center man controls the puck and solves the problems of the players in case of fighting in an offensive zone.

Right or Left Wing

In this zone, one winger will compel the puck and other winger will stay on the front of the net. Winger goes to the high slot and other one forces the back post in case of a fast break.

Right or Left Defense

One defense man remains on the line which is across from the post and the other defense man remains fixed to the planks and keeps the puck inside in case the puck is in the conflicting corner.


There is no much work for the goalie when the puck is in the offensive zone.

Hockey Positions

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