Being that I play defense in recreational hockey leagues, for some reason I often accidentally take a lot of slap shots into my shin pads. I think the reason why I get hit in the legs so much is because I can not get myself to move out of the way when some when takes a shot due to my past playing goalie. Even though my goalie on my team hates when I stand in the way to block a shot because it screens him, usually I still can’t force myself to get out of the way.

Due to my obsession with trying to block shots in almost any game or drop in, it is important that I have a quality pair of hockey shin guards. I will not choose a cheaply made pair of ice hockey shin guards just to save a few bucks because I realize the importance of good equipment. A lot of the hockey players that I play with and against use shin pads that are too small, but for me I absolutely need a protective pair of shin pads that fit me well.

My current hockey shin guard of choice are Jofa shin pads. The reason why I prefer Jofa is because they are very protective, they have a deep leg wrap which makes for a better feel, and they actually have a removable inside which allows me to wash them and prevent myhockey shin pads from smelling. Whether you are playing ice hockey in leagues or you are just playing shinny hockey on a lake, pond or an outdoor rink, you definitely want to make sure that you are wearing a decent pair of hockey shin guards to prevent bruises or worse injuries to your knees, shins or calfs.

If you are unsure of what brand of hockey shin pads you should purchase, you should check out some reviews of ice hockey equipment online and you will quickly see which brand you should purchase for your particular level of skill and situation.

Hockey Shin Guards

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