If you are just starting to play ice hockey, purchasing the protective equipment that is required can be difficult. Not only is it going to be hard for someone without any hockey experience to know which brands and models are best for each piece of hockey gear, but it can also be difficult to know how much to pay for each item in the hockey equipment wardrobe. Hockey shin pads are no different than any other piece of equipment in that you are going to be much better off when shopping for them if you do some research online or at a hockey equipment pro shop near you before you jump into purchasing your shin pads.

Ice hockey shin pads are relatively inexpensive when compared to some of the other items in the hockey equipment bags of hockey players. However there are certain features that you will probably want to look for in a hockey shin pad. Obviously you are going to want to have a pair of shin pads that seem like they have a sufficient amount of protection to protect your legs from getting bruised by hockey pucks or sticks being swung at your legs (which will happen quite often).

Another feature to look for in your next pair of hockey shin guards is a good leg wrap. It is important for both your comfortability and protection that you get a pair of shin pads that will wrap almost all the way around your calf. You would be surprised how often that players without a full leg wrap get the back of their legs cut by the sharpened skate of another player on the ice. Having a good leg wrap can not only prevent injury, but your ice hockey shin guards will also have a better feel on your legs because they will be less likely to turn and twist on your legs.

You will probably also want to seek out a pair of hockey shin pads that have velcro straps to tighten them up against your legs. This is not completely necessary, and there are more shin pads available without straps than with, but if you can find a good pair with straps you will definitely save a lot of money on hockey sock tape. You need to have something that will hold your shin pads in place and tight up against your legs, and really your only options are to tape them or use straps.

While most hockey shin pads will not differ all that much in design, you do have some things to think about before going out and spending your hard earned money on a shin pad. Figure out what it is you want in each piece of hockey equipment, and make sure that you know what size you need, this is half the battle for the new hockey player in search ofice hockey equipment.

Hockey Shin Pads

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