If you are like me then finding the right hockey shoulder pad can be very difficult. Shoulder pads are extremely important for any hockey player who plays check hockey. Even if you don’t play check hockey, you might want to consider wearing shoulder pads because there are plenty of occasions when you are playing no check hockey that you bump shoulders or slam into the boards. Rather than risking injury and potentially having to get shoulder surgery, you might consider buying a decent pair of hockey shoulder pads to prevent any injury from accidental contact.

If you do play check hockey you are probably going to want to purchase a shoulder pad that is on the bulkier side.

You will probably also want to consider a shoulder pad that has sufficient rib and torso protection for those times when you go down to block shots. If you play in an adult hockey league that does not allow checking, you might not want to go with something as big and cumbersome as what you would wear if you were playing check hockey. The old school cheap hockey shoulder pads that are basically just a shoulder cap and a very small amount of padding over your chest should be a sufficient pair for the league that does not allow contact.

Your preference in hockey shoulder pads should be based on how well this piece of ice hockey equipment protects you. If you play defense and you are a player who does like to try and block shots, you definitely need to consider getting superior chest protection to prevent serious injuries. Many hockey players choose to go with the smallest pads possible simply because they do not like to feel like the pads are getting in the way of their movement. But you should always consider wearing the more protective pair of shoulder pads because it doesn’t take much time to get used to wearing the more protective yet bulkier shoulder protection.

Hockey Shoulder Pads

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