When teams win hockey trophies, it’s a special recognition of all the hard work and training they’ve done all season.
They’ve trained hard during the off season maybe by playing pick up games on weekends, and they’ve trained hard during the season, maybe playing scrimmage games with other teams.
And all that hard work and training pays off when the teams that come out ahead are awarded their hockey trophies.
Different trophies can be awarded for different things in a league too. A player may receive a trophy for the most goals made during the season, or a “most valuable player,” or most assists.
The trophies awarded depend on the type of league you’re in whether it’s school sponsored, private or even a township sponsored league.
If the team is sponsored by a school, the hockey trophies are usually on display in a special case in the front lobby of the school along with awards won in other school sports. Sometimes the team or league is sponsored by a private hockey rink and their sports shop will have a display case showing off the awards that their sponsored teams have won.
Hockey trophies, like trophies for any other sports, can be made of almost anything – some type of metal, glass, plastic or acrylic. They’re usually crafted in the shape of some figure, whether it’s a hockey player, a pair of hockey skates or maybe a hockey stick and a puck, then that statuette is placed on the top of a base.
The base of the trophy can be made of a type of some type of stone, acrylic, stained wood, marble or anything solid. The front of the base is usually engraved with the league name, if not the team name, and the year of the award. Or an etched plate is permanently attached on the front of the trophy base.
Since trophies can be custom made, they can be designed however the league’s sponsors decide to make them.
They can even have a specific design for the different types of awards, like “action figure” of a player taking a shot for the trophy for the player scoring the most goals.
A goalie stick or goalie shin pads can depict most goals saved.
And today just about any type of trophy can be designed and bought online from any trophy manufacturer or distributor in the country.
Some online sites will let you upload your own artwork or designs. So league sponsors have a wide range of choices and prices for getting the teams’ hockey trophies made and shipped at the best prices possible no matter where they live.
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Hockey Trophies for School and Private Sponsored Leagues