One piece of hockey equipment that can affect your play is your hockey stick, especially the hockey stick blade, which can help or hinder how you handle the puck.
Hockey stick blades are made in a variety of shapes, contours and materials, and if you buy a two-piece hockey stick, you can save a lot of money over time. First, which stick is better, the composite or the wooden stick?
Some of today’s hockey sticks are manufactured with carbon fiber and high tech materials like Kevlar, the same material to make bulletproof vests. And even though they may be more durable and lighter than the old sticks, a lot of players still prefer the wooden sticks because the composites don’t help with puck handling like the wooden ones.
The down side to wooden sticks is that they’re not quite as durable as the composites. They tend to snap more often and hockey players usually keep at least three sticks on hand at game time in case one or two of them break during the game.
But the wooden hockey sticks can be less expensive than a new composite, and they’re known for having better handling than a composite, so you might want to look for a good used wooden ice hockey stick to start out with. Then when you’re at games, if any of the players throw out a decent wooden stick because of a bad blade, pull it out of the trash and replace the blade.
In fact, I originally bought a two-piece stick with a really well-made shaft which I used for a while by simply replacing the blade as it wore out. And I eventually found a way to really save money by reusing other players’ one-piece sticks that they’d thrown out when the blades wore out.
Instead of spending more money by buying a new one-piece shaft with blade, I just keep buying new blades and attaching them to good, used shafts. I get the shafts for free because players just throw them out, then I look for the best deals and bargains on hockey stick blades.
Another place to look besides the trash cans at hockey games is obviously online. You can find facts and reviews from other people who have bought what you’re looking at to see what the majority of people like or don’t like. The best site to find these reviews is on, which has become pretty much the authority site for product reviews. And depending on the equipment, you might even find some great deals on used hockey equipment that’s been used very lightly.
A lot of ice hockey players may sign up and only play one season then due to any number of circumstances don’t play anymore. Then they look to sell their lightly used equipment to recover some of their expenses. Those are great money-saving deals when you can find them. You might pick up a perfectly good hockey stick with a shaft that’s going to hold up for a long time, leaving you to only replace the hockey stick blades.
And since hockey blades come in a variety of sizes and flexes, different curvatures and densities, all of which help with how you handle the puck, there are blades in about every shape and form to fit just about any need.
So ultimately the best way to save money is by watching for what other players throw out. If they toss out a broken wooden hockey stick with a good blade, grab it up and match it to a good hockey stick with a bad blade. And vice versa.
More often you may be finding decent composite sticks with worn out blades but they can be replaced with hockey stick blades and you’ll have yourself a great stick with a new blade almost for free!
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How Hockey Stick Blades Save You Money on Your Ice Hockey Sticks