Many hockey fans have been obsessed at one time or another with the hockey card. Although many people might consider collecting hockey cards to be a hobby that only children should participate in, there are still many people that are not children that have extensive hockey card collections. When a hockey fan has spent enough time and money collecting their favorite hockey trading cards, if they can keep the rarest cards in mint condition it is possible that those hockey card values could be a lot higher than they might have known.

Certain brands of trading cards are more sought after than others. For example Upper Deck hockey cards tend to be a favorite by many hockey fans who enjoy collecting cards. The same goes for McDonald’s hockey cards which I believe are only available north of the border in Canada and only for limited times. There are also certain players whose cards are worth more simply because they are superstars in the league. If there aren’t many hockey cards made for a certain superstar, and you own one of them, if you chose to sell it online or at a sports memorabilia store you would probably get a decent amount of money for that particular card, especially if it is old. Though hockey card prices are going to vary when you go to sell them, if you have collected enough cards and kept them in good shape you will be surprised how much you can get if you do choose to sell your prized possession that you have likely been preserving since your childhood.

If you are curious about how much your cards are worth there are certain websites as well as magazines or books that can serve as a hockey card price guide. Even if you do not plan to sell your hockey card collection it is always good to know exactly how much that collection is worth.

How Much Is Your Hockey Card Collection Worth?