Hockey is also known as field hockey which is played in many parts of the world. It is simply a ball and a stick game which is mostly played on the grass. But in certain countries, this game is played on artificial surfaces. The team of players in hockey game consists of 11 players which have a tough competition against each other.

Hooked sticks are used in the game to push, dribble, hit and pass a solid and small ball which is white in color. The main aim of every player is to make a score by hitting the ball into the opponent’s goal. The ball is passed to the goal keeper of the other team who saves the goal.

Player Positions

The team of hockey contains 11 players. Every team should contain a goal keeper. The remaining 10 players are known as field players and are placed over the field of play. There are three types on which the field players are put and they are defenders, attackers and midfielders. Every player has been defined their role such as defenders save the team, attackers work on attacking and the midfielders do both the work.

Stick Handling

An important talent which is required while playing hockey is the capacity to pass, control, stop, push and shoot the ball with the hockey stick. This is called as stickhandling or stick work. It is a good feeling while watching the player performing the stick handling talents by controlling the ball and doing a goal. The player should always play the ball from the flat side instead of rounded side of the stick.

No Feet

In hockey game, the players while playing are not permitted to use their feet for controlling the ball. Only the goal keeper has the permission to use hands, stick and feet to prevent the ball while saving the circle.


The player can make a goal when he hits the ball from the striking circle and there are also various ways from one can make a goal such as from a Penalty Corner, Field Goal and from a Penalty Stoke.

Field Goals

Field goals can be made from the semi-circle area which is in front of the other team’s goal or from the shooting circle. If the player hits the ball from outside the shooting circle and ball goes into the goal, then it is not counted as a score.

Duration of the Match

The hockey game is played for about 70 minutes which is divided into two- each half into 35 minutes. The team having the most goals at the end of the game is declared the winner. Match can also end in a draw. Extra time is also given to the team and the team who score a goal first in extra time is a winner.

How to Play Hockey

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