Ice hockey is the fastest contact sport in the world.  It is a game of skill, endurance, agility, finesse, strategy, and strength.  A high body contact sport played on a surface of ice (200’ x 85’) with fast skating, playmaking, passing, shooting, scoring and of course the odd fight.  Players are equipped to handle the crushing hits along the boards with protective equipment they wear under their jerseys.  Many people play ice hockey for fun and very few play it at a competitive level due to the difficulty in mastering the skill involved.

Ice hockey originated in early to mid 1800’s in Nova Scotia and Ontario Canada.  Soon followed to Montreal Quebec and northern New York, Boston, Seattle and Detroit in the early 1900’s.  It quickly became an outdoor favorite among spectators who loved the originality and speed.  The game is played on ice and all the players wear ice skates.

Ice hockey is played with two teams that compete to score the most goals by the end of three 20-minute periods.  Each team has 5 players a side plus one goalie playing against each other.  Each team quickly tried to score within a minute or so before changing lines and continuing play.  Because of the strength it takes to play, a player’s shift usually lasts not more than a minute full out while the goalie remains for the whole game.  Whoever has the most goals at the end of regulation time wins.  The excitement comes from the fast skating, playmaking, passing, body checking, goalie saves, and players shooting the puck fast using skill and strategy.

Ice hockey is the fastest contact sport on Earth