For hockey players the equipment they wear is crucial in preventing getting injured in many different ways. Ice hockey is a fast paced sport and accidents and injuries do happen quite frequently when you compare it to other sports. Ice hockey sticks are swinging, pucks are being shot at high speeds and bodies are flying in this full contact sport, so obviously all of the protective gear you wear is extremely important. But many male ice hockey players would probably agree with you if you said that the hockey jock and cup ranks up their as one of the most important pieces of hockey equipment.

Depending on your style of play the amount of times that you get hit in the groin area could vary. The players that go into the dangerous areas of the ice with reckless abandon are probably going to take more abuse to that overly sensitive area than the finess player that does not like to get physical, but either way you are going to want to make sure that you have a quality hockey jock for protection. For most of my hockey playing days I have worn the Jofa jock which offers great protection and comfort. Blocking shots comes with the territory of being a hockey player, so naturally you should expect to take a few pucks off of your ice hockey cup during your hockey playing days. Also, every once in a while you might run into that very dirty hockey player with no respect for the code that most hockey players follow and he will stick you in that area which should always be off limits. You never really know what is going to happen out on the ice, and that being said it really is a no brainer to buy the best hockey jocks available during your hockey playing years.

Of course you might want to perform some research online or at your local hockey pro shop to find out what other hockey players prefer in terms of the ice hockey jock. In order for your hockey jock to protect and support you properly you will want to make sure that it fits properly and that the straps on the jock fit nice and snug. I have heard of a few injuries happening simply because the hockey player’s jock was not being worn properly and the injury could have easily been avoided if the player had taken the time to make sure everything fit well.

No matter what position in ice hockey you play, and no matter what style you play, if you are a male hockey player you should definitely buy the best ice hockey protective cup available so that you can avoid any injuries that could happen out there in the fierce game of ice hockey.

Ice Hockey Jock