Playing goaltender in hockey is incomparable to any other position in sports. To the untrained eye the hockey goaltender does not do much more than simply stand in front of the net and occasionally react to a shot and hope that the puck hits him or her. But for anyone who has suited up in goalie gear just one time, they know that there is much more to it than that, and goalie does take a lot of skill and athleticism to be good at the position.

While being a good goaltender requires you to have a certain amount of skill, another aspect to being a successful goalie is the equipment that you use. The hockey goalie equipment that you wear while playing goalie is essential to your success as well as your protection. Take the hockey goalie catcher for example, this goalie glove needs to be capable of doing several things.

Obviously you want your goalie catcher to help you catch pucks, so you will want a glove that has a deep web and that is broken in well enough to close easily which ultimately allows the goaltender to control rebounds and catch the puck (provided the goaltender wearing the glove has the ability to catch the puck).

Another thing that you will want in a goalie catcher is enough padding in the palm and wrist areas as well as the top of the hand to protect against heavy shots and slashes on your goalie catch glove.

Finally, with the need for goalies to be able to control and pass the puck well has created the need for goaltenders to be able to wrap their goaltender catcher around their goalie stick well enough to be able to get enough strength behind your passes to be an effective puck moving goalie. Making it so that your goalie glove wraps well around your stick for handling the puck is up to each goaltender. You have to do some work to get it to wrap well around the stick, but if you do this you also might lose a little of the coverage that you have in your glove when trying to catch the puck. It is up to you how drastically you want to form your glove for holding the stick, but for me I think that there is a happy medium between breaking in your glove for your stick and breaking it in for catching the puck. You just have to find the appropriate balance for yourself.

Using a good goalie catcher is essential for your success as a goalie and if you have a poor catch glove it can really hinder your game and rebound control as a goalie. You can do some research on hockey equipment websites to see some reviews on what the most popular hockey goalie gloves are and why they are so popular.

Importance of a Quality Goalie Catcher